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Successfully done RED TALKS "2" - Awareness Seminar about Menstruation., organized by Komal Siddiqui Founder Kuch Badlain, on 25-Apr-19 at Lincoln corner Karachi.


At RED TALKS "2", Komal Siddiqui aims to address this issue to help women manage their menstruation cycle more hygienically and productively. Guest speaker sessions will mainly cover awareness about girl's hidden health issues, how to overcome depression and stress among girls during their days, Islamic point of view regarding being a woman, Dos & Don’ts, and much more…

Honorable Host

Honorable Host Ms. RAFYA RAFIQ (Professional Emcee, Morning Show Anchor, Radio Jockey, and a Consultant Dental surgeon.) 

Honorable guest speakers

Honorable guest speaker Ms. Hani Baloch (Obstetricians & Gynecologist, Hani Baloch wrote a book (The Mirror of life) based on women's issues. The purpose of publishing the book was to give awareness to women about fistula, PPH, and post-coitus bleeding. She is also a Researcher at Sindh commission on the status of women.)

Honorable guest speaker Dr. Sidra Ahmed (Obstetricians & Gynecologist in Civil Hospital)

Honorable guest speaker Ms. Kiran Bashir Ahmad (Senior Assistant Professor, Post Graduate Program Coordinator, Associate Editor & Bahria Journal of Professional Psychology BJPP)

Honorable Guests

Honorable Guest Ms. Anushae Shroff (serial entrepreneur)
Honorable Guest Ms. Anum Kamran (Entrepreneur, eFounder Fellow at Alibaba Group, Mentor, Founder & CEO
Honorable Guest Ms. Sarah Sohail (RJ FM100, Founder SheTalks)
Honorable Guest Ms. Ufaq Mujahid Baloch (in-charge of PSSF and women affairs youth wing PSP. Social activist working for women and youth)
Honorable Guest Ms. Rabya Mateen (Owner and Co-founder at Shades by T&R- Clothing and Skin Care Company & a Certified Public Speaker)