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Successfully done RED TALKS "1" - Awareness Seminar about Menstruation., organized by Komal Siddiqui Founder Kuch Badlain, on 08-Jan-19 at Lincoln corner Karachi.


At RED TALKS "1", Komal Siddiqui aims to address this issue to help women manage their menstruation cycle more hygienically and productively. Guest speaker sessions will mainly cover awareness about girl's hidden health issues, how to overcome depression and stress among girls during their days, Islamic point of view regarding being a woman, Dos & Don’ts, and much more…

Honorable Host

Honorable Host Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Saud (Lecturer of Physiology Pakistan Central Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital | Founder Chairman Organization of Health and Education) 

Honorable guest speakers

Honorable guest speaker Ms. Shumaila Kausar (Women Health Educator DOW University, Civil Hospital, Health, and Nutrition Development Society.)

Honorable guest speaker Ms. Sara Shabbir (Associate Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner, The Recovery House)

Honorable guest speaker Ms. Sadaf Riaz (Clinical Psychologist, Director of Health and Education OHE)

Honorable guest speaker DrSyeda Sadaf Akber Akbar (Assistant Professor DIHE, Ph.D. Microbiology, Director of Health and Education OHE)

Honorable Guests

Honorable Guest Ms. Daaniyaa Khan (CEO of Kuts n Kurlz Hair & Makeup Studio | Beauty Consultant)
Honorable Guest Ms. MarVi AwAn (Social Activist Women Rights, Master Trainer)
Honorable Guest Ms. Samiya Hameed (Lecturer in Iqra University | Entrepreneur)


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