The History

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Komal Siddiqui founded Kuch Badlain Foundation in 2014, at
the age of 15. The main idea to form an organization was that Komal herself faced the issues like her mother being blamed
to give birth to a girl, Komal was not allowed to do any computer
course which was considered to be a prerequisite to getting any job, even she could not get any personal computer as computer/mobiles were considered as useless things for girls.
After her birth, it was continuously being told to her parents that
a girl is only meant to get married.
Nevertheless, Komal struggled to study and cleared her matriculation examination. After that, she joined a firm as her first job from where she stood steadily while trying to learn the basics of computer and office work from there on She tried to change the mindsets of people that no girl is inferior to a boy. She then thought to become such a person that will
provide a platform for such other girls to make their little wishes come true when they are not allowed to fulfill their dreams due to lack of money or any other reason.

Komal is empowering Girls/Women, through girl child adoption, free/discounted courses, providing job opportunities, arranging awareness sessions on Girl's hidden health issues, Awareness seminar on Menstruation hygiene management, have arranged 500 Ration bags, 1000 Iftaar boxes, and Eid clothes for needy families.

Komal Siddiqui
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Komal Siddiqui - Founder | CEO

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).”

Our Mission

We believe that if we want an improvised and well-developed nation, then the nation's girls should be brought up in such a way that provides them an environment providing sound mental health as well as timely education


Our Vision

Empowering a woman means empowering a whole family. Ultimately, empowered families will constitute a powerful society. Core thinking is to make each woman independent by giving them confidence and financial power

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