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Basta is a backpack that can be transformed into a desk for kids in Pakistan


Today, many students in Pakistan, lack basic infrastructural facilities like tables and chairs in schools. Sitting for long hours in an irregular position results in negative effects on both the child’s health and their performance in school. To solve this issue, KuchBadlain has designed an innovative product dubbed Basta which is a school bag with a detachable study table for students.

With the help of Basta, students can sit in a good posture while studying and can write comfortably. Its design ensures a good support angle while studying which can improve health and reduce harm to the eyesight. Basta is completely waterproof and is strong and lightweight, ensuring its transportation and 1-2 year durability. The table can be detached from the bag and it can be adjusted at 2 different heights, making it perfect for kids all ages.

Developed by KuchBadlain, the Basta aims to empower people to live better lives.

Project info:

Name: Basta

Developed by: KuchBadlain

Any excess amount is passed on to the next campaign.