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It is an initiative for those who wish to change themselves – who wish to inspire their surroundings with acts that befit our people and our environment. Our mantra is ‘Kuch Badlain’ is based on the idea that “you need to help others to help yourself”. Together we will make a change because a better tomorrow starts today. Care to join?

Our Projects

Our Project – Hamari Ladli To change the life of a ladli. we will give the responsibility of the Ladli to guardian par- ents and we will bare all the expenses. A family that would Insha-Allah treat the girl as a blessing from GOD. It is a reality that daughters are considered as a burden in our society … so … “Aaen Mil Kar Kuch Badlain”

Upcoming Event

Upcoming Events
Stand-up Comedy Competition is a fundraising campaign for Hamari Ladli. Because comedy has been an extraordinarily engaging way to communicate. While others may think of it only as a form of creating happiness, it is a great tool to convey a message. Today we are here…we are standing…for a meaning that our Ladli has a chance in life.

This engaging competition will help us gain momentum for an issue that is not so fun. So aaen mil kar KuchBadlain!

Register: https://goo.gl/KHvAHt


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You can email us on support@kuchbadlain.org